Indie Cosmetics Market

Beauty & Cosmetics Industry Stats and Growth Projections in 2022 Here are the top 10 statistics that you must know to understand the future of beauty and cosmetics in 2022.
According to the experts, the global k-beauty market is expected to show a massive boost of 11.3% before 2026.
L’Oréal will stay on top of cosmetic companies with more than $30 billion as its annual revenue. According to the world atlas, Asia and Oceania will become the biggest consumers of skincare products.
The Indian cosmetics market will grow as much as $20 billion by 2025.
The African beauty industry will grow faster than the global average. Professionals expect the African beauty industry to go as high as $6 billion by 2024.
Sephora will maintain its position as the number one beauty retailer in the world. The Global natural cosmetics market will observe an immense boost of approximately $20 billion by 2027.
The online cosmetics industry will continue to grow in the future.
The global skincare market will contribute more than $150 million post-pandemic.
The makeup segment will decrease, whereas skincare items will increase in the future.